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About Post 1718

Sixty years ago, March 5, 1948, 15 World War II veterans met at the Carle Place Republican Club House located on what was then Hempstead Avenue, but is now Rushmore Avenue. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss forming an American Legion Post. The Nassau County Commander Hausler told these 15 men the major objectives of the Legion: "Americanism, and the welfare and protection of veterans and their families." He stated further: "It is our sacred duty to aid our sick and disabled comrades and to care for the widows and orphans of those who have given their all for their country."

And so, the 15 signed a temporary charter and a dream started to come true. A slate of officers was elected and Michael Brereton served as the first commander. During the years, 44 men have served as commander.

March 19, 1948, during the second meeting, now twenty men were present, word had been received from Legion headquarters that the charter had been granted. The Post would be known as Carle Place Post 1718. Membership in the post continued to grow. Current membership is 215, 60% of which are World War II veterans. Eight of the original charter members have maintatined their membership in the Post.

February 25, 1949 the Auxiliary Unit was formed with 35 members. Lee Barbour served as the first President. Throughout the years, 44 women have served as President.

July 18, 1952 was the day when it was made official that the Post had purchased the Carle Place Firehouse, our former building, for $15,000. As a result of the many fundraisers that were held between the Legionnaires and the Auxiliary Unit, $4,000 was paid in cash, and a mortgage in the amount of $11,000 was undertaken. Fifteen years later, in 1967, the mortgage would be paid off.

October 1963 plans were submitted for an extension to the building, what is today the banquet room. The extension was completed in 1964. In order to pay for the extension, a mortgage in the amount of $20,000 was necessary. This mortgage was paid off in 1978.

Today, we continue our dedication to Americanism and the welfare and protection of veterans and their families. It is only through the camaraderie that has developed during the years that we continue to achieve our goals. We entertain veterans from the Northport Veterans Hospital annually, with a complete dinner and dessert provided by the Auxiliary Unit, providing the veterans with clothing, shoes, books, and many other donated items. Additionally, the Post sponsors a Cub Scout pack and is the charter organization of the local Boy Scout troop. The Legion participates in the annual Boys State Program as well.